The Company

Our practice, located in Athens, Greece, consists of financial and business consultants. We aim to growing medium-sized companies, which now need professional guidance, both on strategic and organizational issues, and strive for improvement in their efficiency and profitability. We also address the needs of well established medium-sized or large companies which now face financial or organizational problems and seek a way out.

Our assistance in such cases may relate to guiding the company in order to obtain bank loans or attract investors. In other cases our contribution may relate to a full restructuring and reengineering of the company’s policies and procedures in the areas of commercial strategy, internal structure or financial management. You can view here a detailed description of our services.

Our distinguishing features are: The personal engagement with our client The pragmatic, and not just theoretical approach, deriving from our long service in “real” management positions in large companies. Our high productivity, resulting to speedy problem solving. Our fees, which are low compared to the value of our services. Founder and key executive of Aquamerit-Business Consultants is Costas Sideris, with 30 years of experience as: Financial Auditor (in an international accounting firm), Business executive in positions such as financial controller, finance & administration manager, member of restructuring task force, financial analyst in the headquarters of a big group of companies, liquidator, internal auditor, etc. and Business Consultant in organizational matters, financial management, mergers & acquisitions, preparation or evaluation of business plans, etc.